Favorites links

Use this template to start a web page with your list of favorite links. It contains an example of few websites with a short description and their links. Update it, complete it or remove links to create your own list, grouped by categories or have them organized differently.

Search Engine on the Internet

Google is one of the best search engines to find anything you are looking for on the internet, even images that might be useful to illustrate your personal websites
Google Image Search

Blog and Website creation

TOWeb is a software accessible to anyone wishing to quickly create and maintain a personal or professional website.

Maps & Driving directions

On the very popular Yahoo website you can use the maps & driving direction. This may be really to you if you want to tell your friends about a place to go for instance : just copy/paste the URL of the location into a link in your website and you will have a map or the itinerary.
Yahoo ! Maps


The Washington Times is a conservative paper in the nation's capital that offers news, opinion, sports, arts and living and entertainment.
Washington Times


SmartMoney.com is a Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business that has built one of the best personal-finance sites on the entire Web, including the "map of the market," a visual tool that literally needs to be seen to be believed.

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